Cityline Dental provides a wide range of services using the most modern technology in the industry. Our proposal is to provide general and cosmetic dental services to help you obtain a healthier and striking smile. Some of the services we provide are:

    • Periodic Cleanings

Professional cleanings will remove that decay-causing debris and help you keep your teeth & gums strong & healthy for a lifetime.

    • Periodontics (gum care)

Our dental experts will guide you in avoiding and/or eliminating gingivitis and the possibility of periodontal disease.

    • Restorations

Want to restore your teeth? Our dental staff offers you composite fillings, to blend in nicely with your teeth.

    • Extractions

If your tooth has been damaged by decay or fracture, or if you have extra teeth or wisdom teeth (molars) that need extraction, we will gladly help you with our gentle removal approach.

    • Prosthetics

We specialize in partials, dentures, bridges, crowns, and crowns over implants.

    • Endodontics (root canal)

Our gentle dentistry approach makes the root-canal process so much easier for you.

    • Whitening

Have tooth discoloration or staining? Teeth whitening can bring back the natural color of your smile, from dull & stained to a vibrant white

    • Night Guards

Grinding your teeth is known as “bruxism” in the medical world. If you grind or are experiencing pain as a result, we will help you ease the pain with a special night guard to protect your teeth from deterioration.